Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Happy day(s)~

Yesterday I went to order my birthday cake from Mita Cake House at the 2 and 1/2 Mile branch. I ordered a 1kg chocolate cheese cake. It costs RM62! Since my sister will be sponsoring for my birthday cake, so I sort of take the advantage to order the biggest cake! *crazy girl*
My sister was expecting me to order a half kg cake, but I saw the sample of the cake and it was too small. I have HUGE appetite when it comes to cakes! *yummy* I cannot wait to collect and see the cake tomorrow! Then we will the ceremony of cutting-the-birthday-cake after I take away "special" dinner after work!

I played with Mira last night. My bro-in-law and sis did not came back home till after 8pm. So I spent my time playing with Mira. She talked a lot last night to the lion stuffed toy which belongs to her mum. The name of the stuffed toy is Buncit (it means plump in English). She talked to Buncit for almost 5 minutes and she was actually enjoying herself. So happy to hear her talk baby talk! *grinning*

Today I had laksa for breakfast! I have not had laksa for 2 months already! It was delicious! Hopefully the spicyness of the laksa would not trigger the pimples to pop out on my face! *worries* As usual, I stalk Sharing YooChun (next few post I will address it as SYC only) the moment I sat down in front of my pc in the office.

I ate lunch with my colleagues today because for the past 2 days I brought lunch from home (which is only bread and some other local pastry). I wish to lose weight faster by doing my daily routine of walking up and down the stairs when given the chance! And of course drink lots and lots of water which I ended up going to toilet often! hehe...

I always secretly sms to Carol! *guilty* and Facebook-ing, stalking SYC, check email. lol! my work is always never done... And I am actually worried for the coming 3 weeks as my lecturers will be coming to the organization where we are having practical right now for an inspection! I hope that I will be busy doing some work. die la me... and the rest of my batch~

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Carol said...

Jangan jangan when the lecturers are coming for their rounds u kantoi kelak! lol!! see my 1st comment on u!~ but if u r quite free, can msg rite?? then everyday rajin update blog lagik. hihihi... =D