Thursday, 21 May 2009


Tanjoubi = Birthday. I turned 21 today! I want to thank all my friends for wishing me "Happy Birthday"!Arigatou Gozaimasu!

To my friends: I am so touched by your greetings of birthday wishes! Last year not many people remembered or know my birthday. This year I received lots of wishes from you guys! You guys are the best! *gives everyone Friendship Forever tags*
Stay healthy always and God Bless You all!

I am still wondering what should I eat tonight to celebrate my birthday. My mum seems reluctant to eat Sugabun. I definitely do not want to eat KFC and Pizza Hut's. Been eating those too many times. If I order from Sushi King's, my mum is not a fan of Sushi King's. ahh... tough choices (and lots of brain storming as well) to make! well, I might just ask for suggestions from my best friends later! We will be meeting up during lunch break.

I ordered a 1kg birthday cake (which I have mentioned in my earlier post) and will be collecting it today. I cannot wait to see how my cake looks like! It is a birthday gift from my sister! *thank you Max!* *hugs*

My parents bought some shares for me for one of my stocks (which we call it saham in Malay). I think the sentence above is structurally wrong. Please help me correct it if possible! *bows*

My best friends, Claud, Carol, & Tric, discussed that they let ME decide what present that I truly want (and of course fit in their budget) as my birthday present. This has been going on since the year 2007. *giggles* So this year they decided to present me with a Tohoshinki handphone strap which I initially bought for myself in the first place. Since they agreed to pay for it, I was SOOOOO HAPPY with their decision! You 3 girls are the best! *hugsssss and sloppy kisses*

To Tohoshinki fans in Malaysia: Do not be jealous of me. I just happen to have a friend in Japan. That is all.

There will be a major update on my birthday celebration (only at home) with my family tonight. I will post about it either tonight or tomorrow morning.

*Tinanit, ganbarimasu*
*Thanks to all my friends for all the birthday wishes throughSMSes, Facebook, & Messenger*

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