Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I am feeling bored for the past few days. Been wasting my time by doing work that I manage to pile up the last 3 weeks! lol!~ so now I am drafting and quoting EPF's FAQs for Swinburne. I do not even have the high urge to stalk SYC. maybe because there are not much updates on TVXQ so the admins decided to spamz the site with lots and LOTS of pics. i enjoyed looking at the pictures but there is nothing much to comment about.
[it is supposed to be a secret from the lecturers! Hopefully they do not stalk my blog! *fingers crossed*]

The past few days I did not play with Mira. Her daddy played with her. So I just go online instead. LOL! Next Monday and Tuesday are public holidays for Sarawak. Sarawak will be celebrating Harvest Festival during these 2 days. It is to thank the Gods of Harvest for giving the farmers good harvests of rice(?). I forgot already! *failed Sarawakian*
Anyway, there will be lots of wine drinking. These wines are made from fermented rice which the locals call 'tuak'. I heard that Japanese who ever drank tuak loves it very much because it is much sweeter than their sake. I have only drank tuak once, so I cannot give much comments on how tuak tastes like.

I have a new blog account at I am still considering whether I should shift my blog from Blogspot to Wordpress or just stay put in Blogspot. hm...

I was kinda moody this morning because my sister sort of raised her voice over my breakfast. So I did not talk to her much. wahahahahaha! cis... I feel irritated because not many people online (actually I am waiting for Tricia to online so I can complain to her) to chat with.

ok, better finish this post now and get back to my work.

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