Sunday, 3 May 2009


Tomorrow's my day to start my internship. I am still not ready (mentally) because I just do not feel like it. Maybe because I am still exhausted. I did not get enough rest for the last few days. Every time when I am ready to go to sleep, my sister comes down to the living room with Mira. so I have to play with Mira before she fell asleep again. so I slept EARLY in the MORNING and wake up some time in the afternoon. tonight I have to sleep early because I have to wake up around 6am tomorrow morning. I am a slow person (as in getting ready early in the morning).

Tomorrow TVXQ is starting their Japan tour. I am not sure where is their first destination but I bet it will be fun! They will end their tour at Tokyo Dome where it will be their first Dome concert ever. I heard that they were so thrilled about it that they are willing to give 300% of their energy during the concert! I wish I could attend the concert as well! well, gotta work hard and save lots of money so I can enjoy in the later years of my life.

Mira's sleeping soundly now. Her parents bought few new toys for her. She likes particularly the one that you stick to the side of the crib and it rotates with music being played as it rotates. I am not sure what it is called cause I have not seen the package of that toy. LOL!

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