Monday, 18 May 2009

Birthday Bash!

Yesterday (Sunday), me, Claud, Fam, Carol, and Gab went to celebrate our (me & Fam's) 21st birthday. My birthday is on 21st May and Fam's on 23rd May. I do not know if my friends still remembers my birthday (those who are far, far away from me). I do not mind if they have forgotten. But it definitely will make me happy if they send me sms, facebook, or friendster birthday messages. Hehehe... Anyway, back to my report.

Fam came pick me up from my house at 9.40am. then we went to pick Claud up. Went to have breakfast at Hong Kong Pau, which is located somewhere at Padungan. It was my first time there and I have to say that their food is DELICIOUS! It serves pork, so it is not halal. I still cannot remember the names of the food I ate because it is in chinese and I can say it is the first time that I heard of the name.

After breakfast, we went to Crown Square. Claud is still searching for a suitable dress for the coming prom which will be organized by Swinburne's Student Council. Since it will be their (Claud, Carol, Fam, Gab) final year in Swinburne, they decided to attend this year's prom. I will be joining them, too, since I have got a dress (which belongs to my sister). I managed to buy a pair of earrings from one of the shops there.

Next, we went to Hock Lee Centre. Carol and I bought 3 pairs of earrings each as it only cost RM10 for 3 pairs! LOL! Suddenly I got the urge to wear those dangling, long earrings to work (and maybe to classes in the future if suitable).

Then we went to Koreana to have lunch. By the time we reached there at 2pm, it was closed for their lunch break! geez... Their opening time is from 10am-2pm; 5pm-10pm. Since we went there on Sunday, I am not sure if that is also their operating hours on weekdays. The food portion is really big. You can eat the whole portion yourself if you have a BIG appetite. If you do not have one, then it is wiser to share it with a friend or two. Most of the food in the menu are spicy. Since I do not like spicy food, I did not order anything spicy. Food ranges from RM10 to RM 60 (some of them depending on how big the serving you want to order). Right now I am missing the pictures of the food as I DO NOT OWN MY OWN CAMERA. so I have to the pictures from Claud (in the next few days).

Since we have to skip lunch, we directly go to Absolute KTV & Lounge. It is a new KTV and they have some Japanese songs! LOL! Of course it was all in Kanji and Hiragana! and got 3 TVXQ songs! one of them is RISING SUN! the actual karaoke version was in Mandrin, but I just go ahead with Japanese version! lol... It is only RM10 for students per head (make sure to bring your student ID for verification) and RM13 for normal people (per head) from 12pm to 6pm. other times I did not take note.

We went back to Koreana at around 5.30pm for dinner. Kevin and Aaron joined us. We ordered 5 dishes. Total price is RM117. Since me and Fam share the bill (we sponsored the other 4 as a treat), we split the bill to half. It was a good experience eating Korean food. I still prefer Japanese food. Maybe it is because it suits my taste. I am NOT being biased here!

Kevin sent me home last night. He is a speeding freak. But I am ok with that. LOL! reached home before 8.30pm. It was a fun day and tiring. hehe..

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