Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mini surprise from my (best) friends in Swinburne

I was a little bit surprised when I entered the Room G215 during lunch break. My friends, Carol, Claud, Fam, & Gab, waited there for me with a mini surprise. They bought 2 mini slices of rectangular-shaped cake and a lunch for me! They told me to sit down in front of the cakes and I was all smiles while they sang the birthday song to me. Since I do not have any wishes to wish for, I just blew out the candles. Maybe I should have wished for Park Yoochun as my date for one day instead! *bricked by SYC admins* LOL! Anyway, that will never come true.

After blowing out the candles, the 4 of us (excluding Gab) ate our lunch. Carol tapau seafood fried rice for me! Thanks for the meal! It was delicious! Although I was not very hungry, I manage to finish the meal...well, very slowly. heheh.. Then we all ate the cakes which were bought from Taka (forgot to ask them who actually bought those cakes).

The one with the Oreo biscuit on top as decoration is delicious and creamy! It is a cheese cake! Yummy! The other one, which has toffee as its topping and chocolate as its base is too sweet for all of us. It choked our throat! But since I am a cake lover, I just ate them (not forgetting to mention the calories that I have to take in and the hard work to burn them!)

There's more coming tonight! I cannot wait to see the BIG cake! :P
Pictures of this afternoon's event will have to wait either for tomorrow's or Saturday's post.
Thanks again the 4 of u! *hugs and muaks*

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Laurane said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday! 21st Birthdays are the Best. I wish i turned 21 every year. :) haha.