Friday, 15 May 2009


I cannot wait for the weekend to come! I will be celebrating my birthday with Fam on Sunday. I do not know where to go in the morning. To hang out at the shopping mall from 10am is no fun. I want to go outdoors. Karaoke is definitely in and so is lunch. Karaoke location still not confirmed yet. Lunch will be at Koreana. Suddenly got the urge to eat some Korean food.

Right now, I am blogging illegally at work! I am supposed to think of how to improve their (the organization) induction program. I do not have any idea yet. Been lazy this whole week. Hopefully next week I will be hardworking to read all the info that I have collected for as my research to do the project later. I am sleepy right now. My sis just love to ask me to do things at the "right" time! I will be going home rather late because I have to follow my bro-in-law. *sigh*

Luckily I had my lunch with Claudia and Fam. Ate a place called Yew Fook. I ordered butter fish fillet. It was rather oily and I did not taste much of the butter flavour. Claudia ordered the same but hers is squid. Fam ordered kolo mee in soup (forgot the name of that food). I only spent RM5.70 for lunch today. Not bad!

I cannot wait for the time to turn to 5.30pm! I want to stalk SharingYooChun but the line would not let me! *cries*

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